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Shamrock Running Club - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So you Shamrocks run voluntarily... Are you all crazy???
A: Yes.

Q: But why do you run?
A: Because it feels so good when we stop.

Q: And you've somehow managed to get a whole group of people who are willing to run??
A: We've turned a very individual sport into a team sport. After all, why suffer alone?

Q: How often do you run together?
A: Usually once or twice a week, depending on everybody's schedules.

Q: Is there a membership fee to join?
A: Not at all! Runners just have to have an earnest desire to run (and perhaps be a little bit insane).

Q: Do Shamrocks run in a lot of races?
A: A lot of our runners do take part in races - some in the area, some travel abroad to run. Check out the results page to see the types of races we generally enter. They range from small town fun runs, to the Boston Marathon!

Q: Does the Shamrock Running Club have their own race?
A: In fact we do! Excellent question, by the way. The Annual Canada Day Lucan to Exeter or Exeter to Lucan Invitational Shamrock Half Marathon (the ACDLTEOETLISHM, which is Gaelic for: will run for beer). This race is unique because each year, it changes direction (either Lucan to Exeter, or Exeter to Lucan). Read more about it on our Upcoming Events page...

If you have any additional questions, please visit our contact page if you are interested in joining.

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