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I Run, Therefore I am Nuts - Poem by Kelly Vivian - 2008

I Run, Therefore I am Nuts...2008
Written by Kelly Vivian after taking part in the Shore to Shore relay race 2008 with 16 other Shamrocks

Shore to Shore again this May?
Sure...Why not? the Shamrocks say.
Two teams strong and ready to run,
Double the effort, double the fun.

Bruce and Jenny start us off,
Sure hope Jenny can run with that cough.
Thank you Lambs for all your hard work,
So much planning must drive you berserk!

Jed is a trooper, helping Nicole,
Who feels quite crappy but still runs with soul.
Heather is solid. She runs with such power.
And sleeps through all things for hours and hours!

Hey, where is Terry..he's starting Stage Two!
Oh, there he is, visiting the loo!
Jody joins in with all kinds of laughs,
He feels quite good amongst his cows and their calves.

Brian runs quickly for the Shamrock crew.
Feels good to pass Nick from A Channel News.
Quite a few hills in the first few legs.
"Make it stop!" I hear Tom beg.

All through the day the Shamrocks run
Hand slap by hand slap till the miles are done.
Dinner at Westover sounds really good.
Thanks to Gail for the candlelight mood.

Horse trailers, disco balls - what's that all about?
Shamrocks run in style no doubt!
Civic, Rendevous, Echo and Envoy
These things all smell...not one I enjoy!

Night runs start with lamps and night gear.
Jaime thinks to herself "Why am I here?"
There goes Graham - don't blink or you'll miss him.
Man he's so fast, it makes my head swim.

The weather seems good - not too hot, not too cold.
Let's just hope the raindrops will hold.
Oops, take that back - hail, lightning and thunder.
What are we doing out here I wonder.

Look at those blisters, poor Paula's feet
Still the Shamrocks can't be beat.
Oh Gwyn - what a nice greeting for Nick,
Even though it was kinda sick.

Welcome Alfred to the Shamrock group.
Take some time for your leg to recoup.
Joel stepped in to save the day,
When it seemed our team was fading away.

Big thumbs up for Karen and Tori
You kept up your smiles and shared in the glory.
Thanks as well to Kerry and Blake.
Your behind the scenes help is just what it takes.

As I finish the race and all my thoughts settle,
A nice volunteer hands me a medal.
As she says thanks, in her eye there's a tear
And I think to myself "I'll see you next year."

Memories to keep for another year,
I think of the laughs and I think of the tears.
Slowly But Shorely, Shorely You Jest,
Move over runners, Shamrocks are best!

Copyright 2007 Shamrock Running Club

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